2nd Chances

Just like cars get a 2nd chance  – so do we humans as well.  We believe that as humans we are a lot like cars – our lives have all experienced plenty of scratches, door dings, fender benders, wrecks and various other damage throughout the years.  And many of us have tried to pay God for the damage by trying to convince him that we are “good enough” to go to Heaven.  But from God’s perspective, everybody has put a few “dings” into the hood of the car – and can’t pay for the damage.
Good people don’t go to heaven.  Forgiven people go to heaven.

Hollye and Duane are deeply grateful for God’s undeserved mercy and forgiveness in our lives.  We worship a God of grace, a God of restoration, a God of new beginnings, and a God of 2nd Chances.  He gives us strength for each day and hope for the future.