His ’62 Vette

It all started…

We all have those moments in our youth when we spot something for sale – and then spend the rest of lives waiting for the day when we can make that purchase. My moment was around 1967 when I checked out a 1962 Honduras Maroon Corvette with a “For Sale” sign on it while working my way through college at a lumber mill.

2nd Chance…

Fast forward 40 years – I started my search by going to car shows and looking at 62’s. But it became obvious that the older Corvettes were not considered “drivers” since they rode like tanks compared to the new models. As one person said, “we love the old Vette look, but we wanted to keep our teeth in our mouths.” Then at one of the local shows, a serious owner of many older Vettes confided in me and said, “if I had it to do all over again, I would do the conversion up in Seattle area at a place called Classic Reflection Coachworks (CRC) so I could drive it instead of it just sitting in my garage all the time.”

2004 Corvette

I checked it out and in May of 2007’ I bought a 2004’ Corvette in new condition with only 6K miles on it. It had been owned by a 71 year old lady and didn’t have a scratch on it.