The Transformation

I quickly got on the CRC waiting list for their conversion at their manufacturing plant in Tacoma, WA.

In July, 2007,’ I drove up and left it there for around three months. I have to admit, it was a little painful to watch the process as my spotless “donor car” was stripped and torn apart – but I have never regretted the decision after seeing the final product.

DSC_0275Boeing engineers created the software that scans the CRC design using the most powerful three-dimensional scanning software to define the body shape and sub-structures needed.  This information is then created to make computer models of each part.

If you check out their website “” you will see that they use a very sophisticated process to mold the custom body parts on the C5 which are made of new, high tech carbon fiber and are incredibly light and durable, instead of the “high maintenance” old fiber glass.

DSC_0215As I toured his plant, he picked up a baseball bat and took a healthy swing at the side of one of the cars under construction with no damage to the car.  You can see why the new carbon fiber technology is being used on so many new products.  Amazing!

The finished product is around 4″ bigger than the original ’62, which dictates every part (from chrome bumpers to all quarter panels, convertible top, etc.) be custom made.

IMGP0895It was a large investment, but I ended up with a completely custom ’62 that I could enjoy driving as much as I wanted…and “still keep my teeth in my mouth.”

IMGP0911I picked out all the colors for the car (Magnetic Red Metallic II and White Diamond) and decided to have the cove painted with the ingenious way they do the chrome with airbrushing around the cove.  I felt it would give a desirable effect that the models up through ’61 had without the maintenance issues that the chrome actually had on the ’61’s.  I also added the Xenon lights features along with Dynamat sound deadening option.

I ended up with a ’62 that has today’s comfort and performance but also the original’s legendary styling!  A dream fulfilled and a 2nd chance for the car and myself.