Awards vs. Rewards

Our cars have gotten a few awards and accolades – but frankly, for various reasons, they’re not cars that qualify for big trophies and such. That’s not the kind of thing that excites us anyway. We just love to see old houses (we live in one) and old cars that have been restored. And we love to see the joy and smiles they bring to others as it brings back lots of great memories of the 50’s and 60’s – an era we felt privileged to grow up in.

I know at times we all struggle with keeping our prized “possessions” in perspective. Fortunately, we’ve been taught by some great mentors that possessions are not our own. We don’t own a thing. God owns it all. We are just stewards of it for a very short time while on this earth.

With this in mind, we feel blessed to be able to share the cars with family and friends. Some of the most inspiring and rewarding moments have not been when we have been showing or driving the cars ourselves, but when friends or family are going for a ride or using it themselves for special occasions. The smiles, memories and enjoyment they experience are true rewards for us.