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  1. Hey Duane, what an awesome website. Each car so beautifully done…quite a process. Loved it is easy to see the enjoyment and how much the two of you are lovin’ life together through all the pictures. I have such respect for you and the best of memories. Also – you and Bart were the best team. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Brings back some great memories. Bart had a unique gift with his skits. Also, the 2 of you had great chemistry……….awesome stuff!

  3. Those are priceless. So glad you guys did videos to have them to look back on and remember so many good time with lots of laughter, it’s a gift you two had. You and Bart were the best team.

  4. Thanks for posting the skits with Bart. I just visited with him a few weeks back. So great to laugh again at those skits.

  5. Absolutely spectacular. I have a ’57 Corvette and a ’61 Impala Bubbletop. Your cars are very inspiring, I hope I get to see them some day. Drive careful out there.

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